​I use Yin and Hatha yoga based practices. In Yin, we hold posed for longer to reach deeper connective tissue... with little to no flow. It is somewhat relaxing but not a restorative practice. The use of props is encouraged. In Hatha, we use physical techniques for strength and flexibility. Yoga is what you make it and something everyone can enjoy!


"Every client is a blank canvas. Let me make you a work of art!"

Mo is originally an Augusta, Georgia native who just recently married his sweetheart in the summer of 2014. They live in Springfield area with their three dogs. He comes to FITT with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. His training style focuses on high intensity muscle confusion with influences from traditional weight training, core training and CrossFit. Mo is a Type II Diabetic and more than anything, he wants everyone to know that you can beat whatever current physical situation that may be afflicting you. He himself has gone through the weight-loss journey when he lost 60 lbs in 14 months using his own methods gained from the knowledge of his degree. His personal favorit go-to workout is the CrossFit Dirty Thirty. Mo wants to introduce you to a new lifestyle, not train you for an event or special occasion. He prides himself on training the individual and not having "stock" workouts that everyone does on a particular day. He believes that everyone is an individual and should be treated as such.


Kerry Hill

Before she became a proud wife and mother of two, Leah earned a BS in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Fitness and Sport from Millikin University. She has 23 years experience in weight lifting and 12 years as a certified personal trainer. She is currently in the process of attaining her certification as an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist. This certification will allow her to develop programs for individuals with cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and musculoskeletal disorders/diseases. It will also provide her with the knowledge to safely provide programs for pre- and post-natal women, youth and 50yrs+ clients.  

​​Megan West comes to us with 3 and a half years of collegiate Excerise Science courses under her belt! She's passionate about fitness, health, and helping others attain their goals!

Megan is available for personal training sessions, group sessions, and is also offering weekly classes!

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Kerry is a dedicated spouse and father of 4. His clientele spans all ages and goals. He has been lifting for 10 years and a full time trainer for 5 years now. He believes that "The Sky is the Limit."

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MAURICE "MO" Williams